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Painting Services


Elevate the curb appeal and equity of your property with our professional painters. UNIVERSITY STUDENT PAINTERS specializes in exterior painting, significantly improving the beauty and value of residential, commercial, and industrial properties. Contact us to schedule a consultation with our team and receive a free estimate for our reasonably priced painting services in Victoria, BC.

Let our team transform your property to match your style. When painting the exterior of your home we only use the finest paint from major manufacturers and quality brushes, rollers, and sprayers.

Our skilled and trained property painters pay close attention to detail and demonstrate exceptional craftsmanship to satisfy your design requirements.

Providing Quality Results

As a leading painting contractor, we tailor our services to match our customer’s styles and meet their requirements. During our projects, we use the highest-quality paints, rollers, brushes, and sprayers from major manufacturers to ensure one-of-a-kind results. No project is too big for our skilled team! They pay close attention to every surface and show exceptional craftsmanship that succeeds our customer’s expectations. 

Our reliable contractors and professional painting jobs are available throughout the year to ensure residences look their best at any time. Whether it’s winter or summer, we proudly provide pressure washing, graffiti removal, and interior painting services for residential and commercial customers. Additionally, our customers enjoy a three-year guarantee in any of our services, depending on their needs.

Schedule an Appointment

Please remember that UNIVERSITY STUDENT PAINTERS’ services come with a three-year guarantee, depending on your needs. Rest assured that we are available throughout the year, even during winter. We also provide pressure washing and graffiti removal services. Please make an appointment with us today.

house painters victoria, b.c
All the proper tools to get the job done right!
We Benchmark all areas of Painting to acquire professional skills and respect for our Trade!
house painters victoria, b.c

Teaching the Next Generation

In addition to our top-notch services, we offer a comprehensive training program for future painters. We’re passionate about empowering the next generation to develop skills and learn quality painting services. Contact our team for more information about our program and learn how to deliver exceptional results every time.

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