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Welcome to University Student Painters, Your Painting Services Experts!

At University Student Painters, we take pride in being your trusted local student painting service  company. Serving  Victoria, Greater Victoria, Saanich, Oak Bay, Sidney, Langford  areas, our team of skilled student painters, specialize in providing top-notch painting and customer service to our client's.


Don't take our word for it, read our reviews and contact us today for your FREE Quote.

Why Choose Us

Choosing University Student Painters as your preferred local painting service company ensures a seamless experience and impeccable results that we are sure will exceed expectations. Here's why:

Expertise in Interior and Exterior Painting

Our team of student painters provide exceptional painting services in both interior and exterior painting , meticulously transforming spaces with precision and care. Whether it's reviving the ambiance of your home's interior or enhancing the curb appeal of your property's exterior, our expertise ensures stunning outcomes.


Efficient Job Setup and Takedown

We understand the importance of proper setup and takedown for a smooth painting project. Our process is structured to minimize disruption, ensuring a hassle-free experience. From careful furniture arrangement and surface preparation to post-job cleanup, we handle every step with utmost professionalism. Our team of student painters ensure that no mess is left behind—only beautifully painted walls and surfaces.

Invitation to a Free Quote

Ready to transform your space? We invite you to experience our exceptional painting services firsthand. Request a free quote today! Our team is dedicated to understanding your painting needs and providing you with a personalized, transparent estimate.

Choosing University Student Painters means choosing professionalism, expertise, and a commitment to delivering superior results. Let us bring color and life to your spaces while ensuring a hassle-free, mess-free experience from start to finish. Request your free quote today and discover the difference our dedicated team can make for your painting needs.

Serving the following local areas


Greater Victoria


Oak Bay



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